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Extend the Life of Your Jewelry: Rust and Tarnish Prevention Guide

As Aura Boncuk, we always emphasize the importance we attach to jewelry quality. There are some important steps we need to take to ensure that our jewelry does not rust or tarnish, is long-lasting, and is always eye-catching.

Here are suggestions to protect your jewelry and keep them shiny for many years:

1. Avoid Chemicals : Your jewelry should be kept away from products such as cleaning agents, perfume, cologne, lotion and chemicals. These substances can destroy the coating or enamel of the jewelry.

2. Protect from Water : Take off your jewelry when showering, swimming in the sea or the pool.

3. Avoid Sweat : You should remove your jewelry while doing sports or exercising. Sweat can also cause bad odor in your jewelry.

4. Storage in Pieces : Storing your jewelry separately prevents them from scratching or getting mixed up.

5. Cleaning Routine : You should clean your jewelry with a soft cloth. You should not use abrasive cleaning materials.

6. Use a Protection Box : You can use a jewelry protection box to protect your stone jewelry without damaging the stones.

By paying attention to these tips, you can protect your jewelry and keep it shining brightly for many years. As Aura Boncuk, we understand the importance of quality and durability and work to offer you the best.

Aura Beads: The Name of Quality

As Aura Boncuk, we have never ignored the importance we attach to quality in jewelry production and supply. Each of our products is created with special design and carefully selected materials. Here are some elements that determine our quality:

Quality Raw Materials : Brass, the main material of our jewelry, is selected in accordance with an outstanding quality standard. Gold plating, enamel, and precious stones are also selected from the highest quality.

Craftsmanship : Our jewelry is carefully produced by experienced handcrafters. Each piece is meticulously processed and checked to ensure the best result.

Plating Quality : Gold plating is a reflection of the premium quality of our jewellery. The coating process is done carefully to achieve long-lasting and shining results.

Elegant Design : Our jewelry attracts attention with its elegant and stylish designs. Each piece perfectly combines beauty and function.

Precise Controls : Our products go through stringent quality control procedures. At every stage, precise checks are carried out to ensure that each product is perfect.

Customer Satisfaction : The satisfaction of our customers is a priority for us. We are happy to answer your questions and resolve any problems.

As Aura Boncuk, we know that each of our jewelry is not just an accessory, but also a form of expression. That's why we pay great attention to our quality and designs. We are working to offer you the best.

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