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Basic Materials of Jewelry Design

Jewelry making is a great opportunity to showcase your creativity and design talents. As Aura Boncuk, we will tell you the basic materials of jewelry design and how you can use these materials. We will provide useful information for those who are new to jewelry making or experienced jewelry designers.

  1. Ores (Gems)

Gems are one of the most eye-catching materials used in jewelry making. Ores, also known as precious stones, add elegance and luxury to your design. Precious stones such as diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphire and semi-precious stones such as quartz, amethyst and opal are widely used in jewelry making. Each stone has its own unique colors and characteristics.

  1. Enameled gold plated beads

It is a special type of bead that represents luxury and elegance in jewelry design. Enameled gold-plated beads offer jewelry designers the opportunity to create elegant and special pieces. If you want to add a touch of luxury to your design, enameled gold-plated beads can be a great option.

  1. Phone

Wire used in jewelry making is used to bind grains together or shape them. It can be found in different thicknesses and hardness levels. Wire is an important building block in jewelry design.

  1. Chain

It is an important material that determines the size and length of jewelry such as chains, necklaces, bracelets or earrings. They can be of different lengths and sizes and are made of different materials. Chains complete the style of your jewelry.

  1. Leather and Ribbon

Leather and ribbon can be used in bracelets, necklaces and other jewelry designs. They add a different dimension with color and texture.

  1. Rope and Fishing Line

It is used to hold jewelry pieces together or adjust the length of jewelry.

  1. Macrame Rope

It is used for jewelry made with macrame technique.

  1. Clasp, Earring Clip, Necklace Locks

These pieces are important components that hold your jewelry together and allow you to wear it safely. By using quality clasps and locks, you can increase the durability and ease of use of your jewelry.

  1. Fittings

Links are used to connect different parts of your jewelry together. It comes in a variety of shapes, including hoops, pins, bobby pins, bits, and earring hooks. Choosing the right fittings is important for the durability of your jewelry.

10. Forceps

Forceps are joining devices that are widely used in jewelry making. They come in different types and sizes and may vary depending on their intended use.

11. Jewelry Pins

Pins are used to join, connect and neatly finish pieces of jewelry.

  1. Glue

Glue used in jewelry making is used to bond or join pieces together. There are different types of glue available and it is important to learn which glue is best suited for which materials.

  1. Jewelry Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning materials are used to ensure the longevity of your jewelry. Cleaning cloths and solutions help you maintain the shine of your jewelry.

  1. Jewelry Boxes and Storage Solutions

Jewelry boxes and storage solutions are used to keep your jewelry organized and protected.

When designing jewelry, it is very important to pay attention to material selection and use quality materials. To increase the aesthetic appearance of your design, make sure that the materials are compatible with each other.

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